Friends of Kings Norton Nature Reserve (FKNNR), Birmingham

   FKNNR is registered as a charity (number 1122293).




Anyone who attends one of our working parties is expected to behave sensibly and safely.

Everyone is responsible for the safety of others. If you think some one is in danger say so, its much better to be wrong than that someone should be hurt. Safety is everyone's business.

Children should be accompanied by their guardians or an authorised supervisor, who will be expected to look after the children and ensure their safety.

We use dangerous implements; slashers, billhooks, saws and axes. These should only be used by people who have suitable training or experience.

Slashers are used to clear brambles and brush. They are particularly dangerous implements. You must keep at least twice the length of the slasher plus the length of an arm from any person using a slasher, and preferably further away than this (e.g. >15 feet). Its all too easy to forget and stray too close. Be sensible and keep a safe distance from people using axes and bill hooks too.

Occasionally trees need to be felled to clear encroaching woods. Please follow the advice of the people who are felling the tree.

So far we have a good safety record (if you ignore minor scratches and bruises).
Please make sure we keep it this way.