Friends of Kings Norton Nature Reserve

   FKNNR is registered as a charity (number 1122293).





Kings Norton Local Nature Reserve is part of a ribbon of open space along the River Rea between Northfield and the historic village of Kings Norton, easily accessible by public transport and including part of the Rea Valley Cycle Route. Once part of a system of canal feeder reservoirs, mill races and other water courses, including one of Birmingham’s few rivers, the area is now a haven of wildlife in a variety of habitats: wetland, riverbanks, open water areas, meadows and grazing.

The site was formally designated as a Local Nature Reserve by English Nature in 2005.

A City-led Management Committee includes representatives of local voluntary organisations (including the Friends), statutory authorities and other relevant bodies and individuals. The Committee reviews progress and value for money against a 5-year Management Plan. It aims to enhance the site’s habitats and diversity for the benefit of both wildlife and the local community.

The Friends group undertakes regular practical work, through weekly “Tuesday WorkOut” working parties and frequent clean-up days. In the past, grants have been obtained to develop the site; the group is a registered charity (number 1122293). A long-term Strategic Plan, setting out our aspirations for the further enhancement and development of the site and the Rea valley, was agreed by the Management Committee in June 2007.

Our Vision Statement and current Management Plan for 2019 - 2023 are available to read on this website.

Note Cards from the Reserve - click here for details


Alistair Howard has produced a couple of aerial views of the Nature Reserve from a 'quadcopter': Click here for Session 1 and Session 2


For a short video of frenzied activity one morning at the Peafields - filmed by Charlie Hewitt...   Click here!